Saturday, February 7, 2009

School on the Way

We believe there is a need for a new way (that is really an old way) of training. To that end our classes gather in a household community as seen in the New Testament house church. While still offering a high level of scholarship, our teaching is a Hebrew style of dialogue and interaction with an emphasis on listening to and obeying what the Spirit is saying.

Why "on the Way"?

We are mobile, moving, changing, leaning into, following Jesus as way of life, growing, learning and developing as we go, believing we can disciple the nations thru the New Testament model of house churches.

What is the format?

The format is dialogue with God and self, along with a community made up of 2 or 3 others, as well as the whole class/group, and those around the world and throughout the centuries. We do life together, eating, listening, praying, studying, meditating, fellowhipping together with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Our specifics goals are –

To teach teachers thru an educational style that is fully Biblical. We believe this model is the most natural way for teachers to learn how to teach others.
To give teaching its rightful place: Not centralized in a way that takes away from the other gifts of the body, but as part of the fivefold gifts in Ephesians 4: that are for the equipping/supplementing of what God is doing in each house church.
Lastly we believe in all of this we can offer some of the best of College and Grad-school/Seminary in the context of community

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