Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Join the Translation -- Ephesians

Join a new Translation of the Bible. Naj Michael is a translator who is seeking to bring to light the cooperativeness that is lost in translation by our western cultural supra-individualistic reading of Bible.

As a faithful translator on a new version - House Script - he is looking for those who would like to participate in this project. As the best translators of the world know it take two groups of people to make a good translation. The first are those who take from the original language (of the Bible) and seek to communicate it into another language getting feed back as they go from the second group who are on the receiving end of the translation. A good translation is one that is faithful to the meaning of the original language and at the same time has the feel and simplicity of the language it is being translated to. The results are reading a book that doesn't feel like a "translation".

Naj along with his team have completed their part of a translation of Paul's letter to the Ephesians. He is looking for those who will be his western partners in helping to complete the final work. In the Denver area this will be done under the guidance of Jan Cowles who is currently overseeing readings of Ephesians.

Jan will be facilitating feedback from a few groups who will give suggestions as to how better to communicate this new House Script version of the Bible.