Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Join the Translation -- Ephesians

Join a new Translation of the Bible. Naj Michael is a translator who is seeking to bring to light the cooperativeness that is lost in translation by our western cultural supra-individualistic reading of Bible.

As a faithful translator on a new version - House Script - he is looking for those who would like to participate in this project. As the best translators of the world know it take two groups of people to make a good translation. The first are those who take from the original language (of the Bible) and seek to communicate it into another language getting feed back as they go from the second group who are on the receiving end of the translation. A good translation is one that is faithful to the meaning of the original language and at the same time has the feel and simplicity of the language it is being translated to. The results are reading a book that doesn't feel like a "translation".

Naj along with his team have completed their part of a translation of Paul's letter to the Ephesians. He is looking for those who will be his western partners in helping to complete the final work. In the Denver area this will be done under the guidance of Jan Cowles who is currently overseeing readings of Ephesians.

Jan will be facilitating feedback from a few groups who will give suggestions as to how better to communicate this new House Script version of the Bible.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

“Holy & Pure”Part III

After having the notorious 'Where do babies come from?' talk, my cousin says to my uncle, “Do you have to go the the hospital to do that?” Personally, as a young boy after listening to what parents do 'when they really love each other' I said to myself, “If I have to do that I'm never getting married.”

“I lean over at night and touch my wife who is sleeping. I am in awe and feel privileged to be in the same bed with her.” Bear my friend is talking about his wife of some 10 years. He continues on and on about his beautiful wife, and I ask “Alright Bear, what is going on? I have never heard you talk about your wife like this.”

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Encounter --Part II

For the first five years of my faith journey I could not read the Song of Solomon without lusting.  It was during a reading for a bible survey course that I had an encounter with this bookAnd it really was that strong.  I remember where I was, the time of night, the weather outside, and where I was sitting.  As I read the forbidden book - Song of Solomon - I was enveloped in the love of Christ.  There, siting in the presence of the almighty, came to me these words “sex too, is beautiful.”  It was a revelation of the Spirit.  I had been reading my Bible for five years every day (or very close daily).  Our third century brother whose name is synonymous with 'Great Theologian' promoted singleness for reason of holiness.  Some have speculated that his bad view of body/sex is related to personal issues for him that went beyond the all the Platonic/Greek thinking that ran through his veins.  But I think there could be more.  Why didn't his reading of the Old Testament correct his less than good view of body and sex. He is quoted as once saying “If Abraham could have had children with out having sex, he would have.”

All Boys Have A Peanut--Part I

As we were about to break bread our adorable little girl announced “All boys have a peanut.”  Where did that come from?  What does that mean?  Looking up into the air, I muter the words to myself, “all boys ...” when my wife bursts out laughing.  What is so funny?  All boys [laughter] have [more laughter] a penis.
Now all of us are laughing with our little one not cognizant of why, but enjoying her part in the uproar.
Kids really... do... say the funniest things.
The first mention of male and female in the Torah greets us with two anatomical words.  The Hebrew words respectively mean “pointed” and “bored or pierced” for man and women who are to  be fruitful and multiple.  It is hard not to see child like innocence in these first mentioned words in Genesis 1. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Give Us Back the Book (Part II)

While we can and may give some specific examples of how separating the first half of the Bible from the second half has lead to seriously misreading the later half (actually 30% of the Bible), the statement below is a broad stroke example of this error.

One confident evangelical theologian wrote, back in my seminary days, "For the Christian, the Law is a dead and a useless thing." [1]

Opposite Ends -- Give Us Back The (Whole) Book

Some 15 years ago while I was working on a degree in counseling, one of the professors, an Old Testament scholar, noted the Bible is mostly narrative – story – and if you wanted to read the Bible well you need to read novels. I heard about a book by John Steinbeck called East of Eden.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Newest Course at School on the Way


In today's world, the average person (including the average American Christian) can easily slip through their life without ever opening their heart to Beauty--and to the life, joy, transcendence, sorrow, intimacy, romance, and pain that Beauty brings. All of us hunger for Beauty, yet few will answer its haunting call. The purpose of this class is to learn to hear that call, to recognize it--wherever it is to be found--and then learn to open vulnerably to that which we desire and fear more than anything, to allow it to transform us forever.