Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Give Us Back the Book (Part II)

While we can and may give some specific examples of how separating the first half of the Bible from the second half has lead to seriously misreading the later half (actually 30% of the Bible), the statement below is a broad stroke example of this error.

One confident evangelical theologian wrote, back in my seminary days, "For the Christian, the Law is a dead and a useless thing." [1]

Opposite Ends -- Give Us Back The (Whole) Book

Some 15 years ago while I was working on a degree in counseling, one of the professors, an Old Testament scholar, noted the Bible is mostly narrative – story – and if you wanted to read the Bible well you need to read novels. I heard about a book by John Steinbeck called East of Eden.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Newest Course at School on the Way


In today's world, the average person (including the average American Christian) can easily slip through their life without ever opening their heart to Beauty--and to the life, joy, transcendence, sorrow, intimacy, romance, and pain that Beauty brings. All of us hunger for Beauty, yet few will answer its haunting call. The purpose of this class is to learn to hear that call, to recognize it--wherever it is to be found--and then learn to open vulnerably to that which we desire and fear more than anything, to allow it to transform us forever.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Origins - Genesis 1-11

School on the Way presents an intimate and interactive look at Genesis 1-11. We will explore the wild and terrible, wonderful and mysterious scenes of Genesis.
Among other things you will:

  • Learn the difference between Greek and Hebrew thinking
  • Find out what God thinks of us (that alone may turn your world up side down)
  • Read Genesis in the context of ancient cultures and stories.
  • Understand the best translations (and options) of the original language
  • Hear what others thru the centuries have said as they have read/listened to Genesis.
  • Listen to what God is saying to and through each other.
The Journey - We will go to the very foundations of the planet and back. In many ways my job is to be your tour guide. There will be teaching and dialogue as well as reflection. This class will be a little like the TV show LOST, you gain some new understanding (as the episodes unfold) only to get a whole new set of questions. For years I've read and taught these earlier chapters of Genesis with increasing fascination and inquiry. Every new class brought fresh insights and questions with each return to this ancient record. An insatiable appetite has driven me to spend hours studying the best thoughts on the original Hebrew text.
A degree in Old Testament has me reading much of the background context for the earlier chapters of Genesis including ancient parallels to Genesis. We are interacting with others who currently and in centuries past have reflected long and deeply about these chapters. I have been blessed with the prayers of our church in asking for God to lead in the preparation for this course. Because of seeing so many things that I have missed through the years I still feel like a beginner coming to these early chapters of Genesis. My guarantee is you will learn a ton (and not just from me).

If this has your interest read on…